Advanced BBCode is a markup language you can easy format postings with. There are the following tags for that, among others:
Text formatting
[b]...[/b]   Bold, or:   *Bold*
[i]...[/i]   Italic, or:   /Italic/
[u]...[/u]   Underline, or:   _Under_
[s]...[/s]   Strike out, or:   ~Strike~
[o]...[/o]   Overline
[m]...[/m]   Fixed width

The alternative special codes may cause display problems. In this case you can select the "Disable basic formatting" option to not apply these codes to a posting.
Font appearance
[font=xxx]...[/font]   Font family xxx
[font=xxx:n]...[/font]   Font family xxx, size n px
[size=n]...[/size]   Size n px
    Conversion pt <-> px see below
[color=xxx]...[/color]   Text colour xxx (#RRGGBB)
[mark=xxx]...[/mark]   Background colour xxx
[sup]...[/sup]   Superscript text
[sub]...[/sub]   Subscript text
[align=xxx]...[/align]   Text alignment: left/center/right/justify
[*] ...   Enumeration item
Different list types:   [list=xxx]   1/A/i/a/o/+

Simple lists:   */o/# at the beginning of a line (without [list])
    (see note on the Basic Formatting above)
Images and links
[img]...[/img]   Display image ...
[img=align]...[/img]   Image with alignment: left/right/middle...
[url]...[/url]   Link to ...
[mail]...[/mail]   E-Mail to ...
Code and Quotations
[code]...[/code]   Source code
[code=php]...[/code]   Source code with PHP syntax
[quote]...[/quote]   Quotation
[quote=xxx]...[/quote]   Quotation by xxx
[indent]...[/indent]   Indent text block
[indent=n]...[/indent]   Indent text block by n pixels

Simple quotations:   |" ... "|
    (see note on the Basic Formatting above)

You can enable syntax highlighting with [code] tags by specifying a language name as parameter. Currently the following languages are supported:
PHP (PHP native function), C (still buggy)
[line]   Horizontal line, or:   ---- (at least 4 dashes)
[line=color]   Line with colour color
[line=color:size]   Line with colour color and width size
Anything in between [#] and [/#] will not be evaluated or changed in any way. Single tags can be masked by writing \[ for a [. [rem]...[/rem] are comments that will not be displayed at all.
Line breaks surrounding tags that make a paragraph of their own (i.e. [code], [quote], [align], [line]) will be removed. Also if the [code] tag stands in a line for its own, no new lines will be displayed around it.
This table shows conversion of font sizes between pt (point) and px (pixels):
  7pt -- 9px
  8pt -- 11px
  10pt -- 13px
  12pt -- 16px
  14pt -- 19px
To familiarise yourself with these conventions, you should use the Preview at first, to check your submission.
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You'll find more information about the ABBC parser and its language on the ABBC homepage.
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