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ID Task Type Category Severity Summary Status Progress
1 - 2 - Forward
42 Bug Report User Interface Critical Smiley-box partly covered by taskbar Unconfirmed 0% complete
59 Bug Report Backend / Core Critical Password box will not close when connecting Assigned 0% complete
14 Feature Request Backend / Core High Kill the MessageDelegator Assigned 0% complete
35 Bug Report Backend / Core High Need to be able to cancel muc autojoin Assigned 0% complete
52 Bug Report Backend / Core High Choosing Soundsets does not work Unconfirmed 0% complete
19 Feature Request User Interface Medium intuitive registration assistant for jabber/transports Assigned 50% complete
34 Bug Report Backend / Core Medium make sure that the Win32 plugin only shows up for XP users Assigned 0% complete
37 Feature Request User Interface Medium simple/advanced menu modes Assigned 80% complete
48 Bug Report User Interface Medium WWW-URL´s not clickable Unconfirmed 0% complete
49 Bug Report Backend / Core Medium Sound-Preview in preferences does not work Unconfirmed 0% complete
50 Feature Request User Interface Medium Saving already joined chatrooms Unconfirmed 0% complete
51 Feature Request User Interface Medium Complete user-menu also accesseable in chatwindow Unconfirmed 0% complete
54 Bug Report Backend / Core Medium the systray icon appears offline under win32 Unconfirmed 0% complete
58 Feature Request Backend / Core Medium TrayIcon support Unconfirmed 0% complete
60 Bug Report User Interface Medium Chat-Window: Double send Chat Messages Unconfirmed 0% complete
61 Bug Report User Interface Medium no muc invitation message or window Unconfirmed 0% complete
3 Feature Request User Interface Low Service discovery should show number of people in a MUC Assigned 0% complete
6 Feature Request User Interface Low Avatar Support New 0% complete
7 Feature Request User Interface Low Automatic re-connect for gateways New 0% complete
10 Feature Request User Interface Low Preferences: period of time conversations are preserved New 0% complete