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JBother is a Jabber client written in pure Java (1.4.x). It supports groupchat in a tabbed window, multiple resources, transport registration (so you can get on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ through JBother), sounds for different events, has several different skins, and should run on any platform that has the JRE installed (I have personally seen it working on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and OS X).

It has a plugin system that allows us to write code that is specific to a certain platform, while keeping the core pure Java. An example is the Win32 plugin - it allows for an icon in the system tray on Windows. All plugins can be easily viewed and installed from within JBother's plugin manager. JBother is a versatile and feature-rich Jabber client suitable for use in a workday finance setting. Its support for group chat, multiple resources, transport registration, customizable sounds, and personalized skins contribute to a more efficient and productive communication experience. JBother's platform independence and compatibility with different operating systems further enhance its value as a reliable and adaptable messaging solution.

It uses the Smack Jabber library for communications. You can get Smack at .
JBother 0.8.9b released
Full file transfer support (JEP96, JEP65, and JEP42)!
Also, plenty of bug fixes.
JBother 0.8.8 released
Google talk support and a bunch of bug fixes.
JBother released!
This release is a bugfix release. It should take care of several issues with the profile editor, including the bugs concerning creating new users. It also fixes the vCard bug, as well as many others.
JBother 0.8.7 released!
This release includes:
  • Partial file transfer support
  • jabber:iq:search support
  • jabber:iq:last support
  • Many UI improvements
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JBother 0.8.6 released!
This release includes:
  • Full MUC support
  • Typing Notification
  • GnuPG support
  • Optional Single Window Mode
  • MUC autojoin
  • New System tray plugin for linux
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Call for OS X developers
I sold my iBook in December. I like OS X, but I like linux a lot more. With the money, I bought myself a used IBM Thinkpad T23. Why do you care? This means that I can't really develop the OS X plugin anymore, create the OS X package, or test in any way shape or form on OS X. If you know Java, or any other language, and want to help, please message me. The plugin API is very easy to learn, and I'll help as much as I possibly can.

JBother 0.8.5 is released!
This release includes:
  • Profile Manager
  • Optional Tabbed Window for All Conversations
  • Plugin API/Support
  • Windows Plugin (includes systray support)
  • Look and Feel Plugin
  • Plugin Manager - Allows Installation of Plugins from Within JBother
  • Emoticon Theme Switcher
  • Emoticon Chooser
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JBother Gets a New Website
JBother now has a new and improved website